What will New Year’s Eve look like this year 2020? Here are guides, it can do you at home.

Fizza Hassan
4 min readDec 8, 2020

Less than a month before Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, many countries are still locked down. Some governments are planning to ease a couple of restrictions in the coming weeks, but they are likely to play it safe. Amid the global health crisis, what are the New Year’s Eve celebrations going to look like?

What you should expect this year

November 5, the Singapore Government of Health announced that there will be no fireworks this year at the New Year’s Eve countdown celebration at Marina Bay to minimize crowds in the area amid the pandemic. This is the first time the Marina Bay New Year’s Eve countdown celebration will be marked without fireworks “As health and safety remain a priority, we have adopted a different format to ensure that the public can celebrate safely and meaningfully,” said URA chief executive Lim Eng Hwee.” Instead of fireworks, there will be two light shows in Marina Bay in December.

Meanwhile, the British government recently announced that there will also be restrictions on other traditional New Year’s celebrations including going to the pub or out to dinner. These will be based upon which Tier your area is in. The first tier review is expected to take place on December 16. This means that they can only celebrate the new year with their own households. Also, once it has created them, they won’t be able to mingle with over two other families.

In the United States, Christmas celebrations typically start with the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 3 in Washington DC. But this year, the ceremony will be virtual so that everyone can take part remotely. That should limit the risks of infection. Besides, the Christmas tree will be lit every evening, along with 56 other trees that represent each State. However, anyone wishing to travel to Washington DC during this period is required to undergo a PCR test at least three days before departure. And if they wish to extend their stay, they will have to undergo another test within 3 to 5 days of arrival.

Australia, too, regulations vary from one State to another. In New South Wales, for example, restrictions will be eased from December 1 to allow up to 30 people to…

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