The Truth of Expat Living a “beautiful Lie”.

  1. First 2 perfectly common questions when you meet someone for the first time are “where are you from?” and “what do you do?”
  2. 30%-55% job offers are randomly picked, just for the trial or stepping stone. And for few of them, they want to feel how is life living in Dubai.
  3. 80% expat are bonded with 3 or more credit cards just to survive day-to-day cost of living. As such, they can blend in with high-end lifestyle.
  4. 45%-80% expat earnings, is just enough for their food, transport and pocket money. The remaining salary, slapping on credit cards payment.
  5. Renting rooms are relatively expensive for expat who arrived with families. But to those single’s, they are happy with tiny shared accommodation.
  6. 50% of their earnings, dispatch back home country, and they ended with debts.
  7. The cost of living and standards in Dubai is very high (in terms of facilities). Needless, most of the Dubai people are quite hard to please as they’re used to a high standard of facilities.



I traveled the world but found myself in the Middle East. Passionate about writing and coffee lover

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